Using WordPress as your CMS for website

Wondering if you should consider WordPress as the software for building your website?
Let me start with saying that it is indeed a good script for building a website. But let me also analyze whats good in it & what are the cons.
Since WordPress is a open source script & millions of developers working on improving it, testing it, building themes, building plugins.
  • It is FREE
  • Many minds working on it makes it well advanced
  • Lots of new designs (themes), features (plugins) are available/released quite often (Both for free or at a nominal cost)
  • Good quality of code compared to custom coding where you are not sure how good quality the code is.
  • Source code is open. Vulnerability is high. WordPress sites are hacked more often than websites done with other scripts or custom codes
  • Lots of updates to the script makes the maintenance a big affair. You need to keep a tab on latest updates to the software, apply updates (although it is just click & update), test it.
  • You have to rely on unknown developers for design/features (Although there is a good rating system). The developer may suddenly stop supporting his theme/plugin. No one can do anything.


  1. First list down what you expect out of your website.
  2. Are there popular plugins available for the features you want?
  3. Is there a close design available to match your expectation
  4. Do you have good knowledge of WordPress or do you know someone who has the knowledge?
  5. Do you have the team/budget if you want to go for custom code
  6. Do you have a reliable team to do good code?
  7. Can you depend on the team doing custom coding in long run?

The answers to theme questions can give you a close answer on what approach you should take.


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